We are all used to receiving email marketing campaigns, and the systems available make it easy for any company to create and send out email newsletters.

However, in order for your email marketing to be successful, there needs to be time and thought put into the campaign creation and who you will be reaching out too.

The contact list you intend on sending your email campaign too will lead you in the direction you need for your campaign strategy.

For example, do you know the average age of people on your contact list? What about gender, or physical location?

These are just some of the factors that need to be considered when you create your next email newsletter, or digital marketing campaign.

There are also a number of elements you can use to improve each email marketing campaign.

For example:

Make It Personal

By including their first name in the email, you can draw more attention to the recipient.

Campaign Consistency

It is vital that all your digital marketing campaigns stay consistent and on brand. This will help people instantly recognise you when they see or receive your material.

Segmentation In Your Campaigns

If you have a large contact list with a varying range of demographics, consider creating campaign segments to target each with more relevant campaign content to suit.

Mobile Usability

This is now a not-negotiable element of digital marketing. With the vast majority of people checking emails and browsing online using their smart phones, all your campaigns and website pages must be created to be mobile friendly and present the best possible mobile image.

Generate Reports

Don’t just send out a campaign, let it run and never take the time to look at the results. You should always create reports from each digital marketing campaign or email newsletter, to ensure you learn from each campaign and begin to understand what your target audience wants to see.

If you would like assistance in creating a digital marketing strategy for your business, contact us to discuss your goals and options.