Our Digital Marketing Focus

Originally founded in the late 1990’s by Greg, when the internet was just getting started and most businesses where still not sure if they needed a website, gumigumi offered custom website development and management to clients that were quickly jumping into the new trend.

As the industry grew, and the dot com boom really took off, there was a frantic amount of change and development over the next decade of what was needed by business and available for them to take advantage of in grow their online presence.

The need to focus on search engine optimisation, online sales platforms and the ever-growing social media platforms, saw the range of services we could help clients with continually changing and growing.

Through this time, it became apparent for the need to understand the individual needs of any given company and how to best strategize their digital marketing to best leverage the relevant platforms and campaigns.

Today, we continue to provide the same focus to all clients in order to help them achieve the best outcomes from the Digital Marketing campaigns and online presence.


Originally starting as an in-house Marketing Manager for a retail store in Adelaide in the mid-1990’s, one of the initial jobs completed was the set-up of the stores very first website, and a few years later their online store.

Shortly after, Greg began to receive requests from other people in the local business community to help them with the set-up of their first websites, and gumigumi was born.

Through these early years and the dot com boom, growth was fast and the demand for services was very high. This led to the creation of our own website platform and dedicated hosting services.

After operating this side of the business in Adelaide for around 12 years, this platform was providing services for nearly 1000 clients located all over Australia as well as internationally.

Eventually, Greg sold this platform to another company and moved to the Gold Coast with his family. For next few year he again worked in-house for a number of large companies while continuing to service a small number of gumigumi clients and providing tailored Digital Marketing services.

Today, this is again Greg’s only focus and he works directly with all business owners we provide services to.


Since joining the journey with Greg from the start of gumigumi, Minako manages the company and client accounts, as well as assisting with website and content updates and campaign management.

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Minako has a background in business management and accounting, and has assisted a number of clients with Japanese translation during the time gumigumi has been in operation.


The next generation of Digital Marketers, Takuya is the son of Greg and Minako, and has a degree in Marketing.

With a passion and flair for photography and videography, Takuya is also a key member of the team and assists with all aspects of our services and client needs.

How Can We Help?

With well over 20 years in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help any small business owner or operator.

There is far more information we have to tell you than can be put down on the page here, and we’re sure you have better things to do that spend hours reading through it all.

So, if you’d like to quiz us on what we do and how we can potentially help you, feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat.

To get started, call Greg on 0497 003 292 or use the contact form on this page.