More About Greg

Originally starting as an in-house Marketing Manager for a retail store in Adelaide in the mid-1990’s, one of the initial jobs I completed was the set-up of the stores very first website, and a few years later their online store.

Shortly after, I began to receive requests from other people in the local business community to help them with the set-up of their first websites, and gumigumi was born.

Through these early years and the dot com boom, growth was fast and the demand for services was very high. This led to the creation of our own website platform and dedicated hosting services.

After operating this business in Adelaide for around 12 years, the platform was providing services for nearly 1000 clients located all over Australia as well as internationally.

Eventually, I sold this platform to another digital marketing company and moved with my family to the Gold Coast. For next few years I again worked in-house for a number of large companies while continuing to service a small number of gumigumi clients and providing tailored Digital Marketing services.

Today, my main focus is working directly with select small to medium business owners providing Google Ads Campaign Management and website development services.